Top Six Unusual Ways to Experience Stockholm

Are you looking for another, different way to look at Stockholm and experience the city from a different angle than from just walking through the city? Then you might be pleased, because here we have collected a few different and interesting suggestions that might interest you. Here are our top six ways to experience Stockholm:


Take a Walk on the Rooftops

Get a guided historical tour from the top of the famous roofs in Stockholm. Look down on the people, sometimes small as ants while appreciating the amazing architecture that you can not get closer than this. You walk safely connected with ropes led by an experienced guide.  Read more about the experience on the roof tour here:


Take a Ride With a Helicopter

The best way to experience Stockholm from height is undoubtedly by a helicopter. Stockholm is a beautiful city, the best and most exciting views are breathtaking and can compete with any capital in Europe. It’s a well worth thing to experience, and those twenty minutes will be very intense minutes and undoubtedly hard to forget. You need some height and age, so get in touch with the people her and ask about the Experience:


Travel High Up in the Sky With a Hot Air Balloon

Far, far up in the sky in a hor air balloon you’ll get a very different experience of Stockholm. You will see beautiful landscapes as well as the City. Travelling with a hot air balloon is a very popular experience in the summers, so be well prepared and make sure you order the tour early.


Ghost Tour in The Old Town

Learn about the Ghosts in the Old Town. Follow this guided tour around the small streets, visit cellars and unique places and hear about the dark history of the Old Town of Stockholm. For several hundred years, this was the center of Stockholm and a place where many strange stories were born. Ask here for special and private guiding in English:


Segway Tour

Segway is a little bit faster and funnier way to get a guiding tour around Stockholm. Two wheels, a small group and an experienced guide makes the recipe for a great, relaxed 90 or 120 minutes tour depending on what part of Stockholm you want to experience this way. Take a closer look here:


A boat trip under the bridges

A classical and very appreciated way to experience Stockholm and to get to know the City better is to take a boat trip under the bridges of Stockholm. Guiding in different languages is available. Book your boat trip here:
Under Stockholms Broar:


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