Top Cities to visit in Sweden


The capital of Sweden is a beautiful place with a lot of parks, the archipelago and many great museums. In fact Stockholm is said to have more museums than any other capital in the world. Several of the largest ones are free of charge. Whatever you do, don’t miss the amazing Old Town or the Vasa Museum.


The second largest city is located in the southern parts of Sweden. The archipelago and the castle forrest are well worth visiting. If you go in februari you can visit Sweden’s best International Film Festival.


The fourth largest city in Sweden is the University town of Uppsala and former capital. Amongst other things, it has Northern Europe’s biggest cathedral, a Viking burial ground and the famous Silver Bible. With less than an hour from Stockholm, it’s easy to take a one day tour to see the most interesting things here.


An old, medieval city that is so pretty your heart will melt. Make sure you visit the city in the Medieval Week, then everyone dress up as people from the old times and you can enjoy knightly tournaments and many other fascinating things.


The oldest remaining town in Sweden is Sigtuna. Not only old, but also probably the most beautiful town in Sweden. It’s located close to Stockholm, so you probably don’t want to miss it if you visit the Capital.