How to Travel in Sweden

Ways of transportation in Sweden 

For information on Arlanda, please visit our special page here:



These public airports are government owned or previously so. There are other airports as well. Pleas visit this link for a complete listing: Lista_över_flygplatser_i_Sverige

Name of airport


Stockholm-Arlanda Airport






26 622 916

Göteborg-Landvetter Airport GOT 6 751 364
Stockholm-Bromma Airport BMA 2 532 403
Malmö Airport (Sturup) MMX 2 183 862
Luleå Airport (Kallax) LLA 1 203 141
Umeå Airport UME 1 052 824
Åre Östersund Airport (Frösön) OSD 529 823
Visby Airport VBY 490 131
Kiruna Airport KRN 282 144
Ronneby Airport RNB 237 141


Going by Train

Sweden is geographically speaking a big country so going by train can be as expensive as going by air. But going from the middle of Sweden or from one to the other side by night train is a cosy experience. The sleeping places are clean and fresh.


Travelling in the cities



The big companies have fixed fares from and to Arlanda to Stockholm and Uppsala. Inside the cities, going around with Taxi is quite expensive, so you would preferably choose Bus, the Metro, Tram or whatever that is available in the city. Public transport is generally expensive as well, but mostly there are 24 hours deals.



Some of Stockholm’s Metro stations are kind of  beautiful art galleries, well worth to pay a visit. But if you are looking after an M-sign, you are looking wrong. The Swedish sign is instead a blue “T” for the Swedish word “Tunnelbana” or “Tunnel track”.



Tram is available in Gothenburg, Stockholm (one line only , limited use), Mölndal, Lidingö, Solna, Nacka, Sundbyberg and Norrköping.

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