Finishing High School and Becoming a University Student in Sweden: “Ta Studenten”

In Sweden, there’s an expression: “ta studenten”, which means that you have graduated from high school and now can study in the university. You are not yet a university student, but you are allowed to put on the students cap and brag about your new social tastes as almost grown up. This is a big time for every Swede. Different high schools finish the semester in different times, so in June in the biggest cites in Sweden, you’ll see different classes every Friday celebrating their exam and making noise all over the city, preferably by standing in open large vans shouting and screaming. There will by traffic jam, hard to get passed the streets in some areas and all over you see young adults wearing white and and light coloured clothes and dresses and everyone has their white student cap on.

As a tradition, the kids’ parents will welcome them as they run out from the high schools, leaving their old schools for the last time. The parents will probably meet them with champagne and give them a student gift, a “studentpresent”, which can be everything from clothes, something for a new apartment, a car, or something new to experience.

Being an exchange student in Sweden won’t let you experience the joy of celebrating finishing Highschool, becoming a student, but can have some good impact on your life. Swedes are mostly kind and helpful, but can also be reserved and hard to get to know closer. The education level in Sweden, especially for higher studies is very good and the biggest universities are well known and respected all over the world.

But before deciding to go to Sweden and study or put your children there, learn everything you can about the country, the people and make sure everything is in order.

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