Welcome to Sweden-Tourism – The Online Guide Book.

This is a Swedish Guide Book Online. Here you’ll find basic information on Sweden where to go, how to get around, what to see and how to get more information. We are just starting up this page, so the info might seem as rudimentary. We’ll put in more info and try to get the blog updated more frequently.
Please check in to our page then and then for updates. You are also welcome to contact us and make suggestions.

From the Blog:

Top Six Unusual Ways to Experience Stockholm

Are you looking for another, different way to look at Stockholm and experience the city from a different angle than from just walking through the city? Then you might be pleased, because here we have collected a few different and interesting suggestions that might...

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Recommended reading about Sweden

Reading books is a good way to get acquainted to Sweden, the country, its people its history and culture. And to learn more about the Swedes and their mind-set. If there is a common one. Swedes are affected by the climate, the short summers and the long winters. The...

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How to pay in Sweden? Cash or Credit Card?

As Sweden don't have Euro, in Sweden you pay with the Swedish currency Svenska Kronor, Swedish Crowns or SEK. This is a country where payment relies heavily on card payment. Most of stores, restaurants etc accept most of available credit cards with a few exceptions as...

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Sweden-Tourism is an Online Guide Book for you who want to visit Sweden.


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